The Pyongyang traffic police

We are all aware of how the Kim family’s hedonistic behaviours affect the North Korean populace as a whole, correct? Their preferences towards the opposite gender have permeated onto the streets of Pyongyang…literally. On this website, Pyongyang Traffic Girls, you can see that the government has purposely selected these young ladies for their looks. Kim Il-sung is said to have created the traffic girls’ division. But the strange thing is that there are barely any cars in Pyongyang, or the DPRK as a whole. Photos and more after the jump…

The umbrella-pedestal is a nice touch.

According to a Chinese tourist, the traffic girls receive rations that are “twice more than most people”. In addition, “they are absolutely worshiped by male drivers”… could this be the North Korean response to the Japanese moe phenomenon?

One traffic woman, 23-year-old Kim Hyun-hee, told reporters that the traffic police were originally men. Later, Kim Il-sung realized that the traffic police are what many visitors take notice of while visiting, and thus, the police reflect the country. The all-male traffic police appeared intimidating, with their rifles and red flags. So, to make the country appear beautiful to foreigners, he chose the most beautiful traffic police. This is the origin of the female traffic police.

The selection criteria are very strict – candidates, which are gathered from across the country, must be at least 162 cm (5’3″) in height. They must also work for eight years, and may not be married. Following selection, they are given intensive training lessons, ranging from traffic protocol to posture improvement. The traffic girls from Pyongyang live at home, but the ones from outside of the city live in special dormitories. Most traffic policewomen retire in their mid-twenties.



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